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About Wunderfell - sustainable, social, ethical, natural & timeless

Wunderfell is a Munich-based fashion label that has set itself the task of producing sustainable lambskin jackets, vests and coats that fit perfectly with the spirit of our time, and which are a classic choice for every winter wardrobe. In our Lifestyle Collection, you will find light and casual feel-good garments made of high-quality lambskin, which reflect our philosophy of values such as sustainable – social – ethical, as well as natural and timeless.

Wunderfell - About us - Sustainable


We are vehemently opposed to fur products produced at rock-bottom prices from the Far East, and instead only use waste products from the food industry, which we then transform into beautiful yet cuddly lambskin coats, vests and jackets. Our skins are primarily sourced from Spain, Iceland, France and other European countries, while all Wunderfell coats and jackets are produced by socially ethically responsible businesses in Turkey and Spain. We also completely avoid the use of substances such as PCP, formaldehyde or azo dyes when tanning our products, for the protection of both nature and human life.


Lambskin is a natural material that has always been used for clothing, because of its fantastic properties as a heat regulator. Our coats protect the body in winter from the wind and cold, but can also have a regulating effect during spring-like temperatures. If you are wrapped up in a high-quality lambskin jacket, you do not sweat – rather, you feel comfortable and secure. Furthermore, lambskin is both antiseptic and antibacterial, making it the ideal companion for the entire family.

Wunderfell - About us - Natural


When producing our lambskin coats, we consciously rely on timeless designs that embrace a sophisticated cut. Excellent functionality is also important to us, which is why many Wunderfell models are reversible, meaning that they can be worn on both sides. By adopting this approach, we ensure that you will always find new reasons to get your coat out of the closet when winter arrives, even after years of having worn it. This is because a selected “investment piece” is always more sustainable than a trend-based design, which perhaps after just one season is no longer considered to be en vogue.

Wunderfell - About us - Timeless