Caring for and storing lambskin

We would love for you to wear our lambskin coats, jackets and vests for as long as possible, and to keep enjoying our timeless classics with every year that passes. In order to make this a reality, the right care, cleaning and storage is essential – because only then can the quality of a natural product be ensured. Therefore, we have put together a list of the most important tips for fur and leather care in this little guide:

Useful tips and information for leather and fur care

A high quality lambskin coat is an investment for life. In order to ensure that the beautiful quality of our designs remains visible for many years to come, proper care and storage is a critical consideration when dealing with fur jackets. In essence, the following applies: Only use special fur and leather cleaning agents when caring for and cleaning your item of clothing, and ensure to try each cleaning step in a concealed area before making a proper start. While smaller impurities can usually be removed with ease at home, it could be worthwhile, however, to seek professional advice at a furrier when it comes to larger soiling. We at Wunderfell will be delighted to advise you in detail and provide you with some helpful tips and tricks for leather and fur care.

Wunderfell - Care- leather and fur

Care tips for fur jackets

The best way to take good care of fur jackets, vests and lambskin coats is, above all, to ensure their proper handling. We recommend waterproofing every Wunderfell model before wearing it, in order to protect it from both dirt and moisture. To this end, the leather surface should be sprayed evenly from a distance of about 30 cm with a suitable, colourless leather care product. Should a lambskin jacket get wet, it is important to shake off any superficial water and then leave it to dry at room temperature only, and not by applying a heat source or by using blow-drying. Given the high-quality of our skins as well as the gentle processing and careful refinement of our jackets, vests and coats, the Wunderfell models shed only a minimal amount, if at all. However, as a coat is a natural product, we point out this possibility as a precaution.

Wunderfell - Care- Cleaning leather and fur coats

Cleaning leather and fur coats

Please ensure to only use special care products when cleaning leather and fur coats. Abrasive solvents such as acetone, stain remover or benzine are an absolute taboo and can cause irreparable damage to any lambskin coat. Also, washing machines are not suitable for the cleaning of fur jackets, coats or vests! If your item of clothing has suffered coarser soiling, we advise you to invest in the expertise of a furrier, in order that your fur jacket survives the cleaning process without incurring any damage. Smaller soiling can be easily removed at home. We recommend trying any cleaning product beforehand in a less visible place, before properly getting started with the cleaning itself. When cleaning, you essentially distinguish between the materials at hand, as these have different cleaning requirements. For Wunderfell coats, jackets and vests, we use fur, suede and nappa leather.

Cleaning fur

Fur is adapted to the natural conditions in which animals live. Dust and moisture can be shaken out accordingly with relative ease. In the event of coarser soiling and if unpleasant odours persist, only professional cleaning by a furrier can help. Avoid experimenting with different cleaning options so as to prevent any damage to the fur jacket.

Cleaning suede

Suede is characterised by its soft, roughened surface. The majority of soiling types should only be treated when in a dry state. To do so, allow the jacket to dry at room temperature – not on a heater – and lightly brush out the soiling using a creping brush. Moisture lines found on the collar and sleeves can also be remedied this way. Grease stains can be treated using special leather cleaning sprays. This is best done in accordance with the instructions provided, while the leather surface should be rubbed with a cotton cloth.
Please note: After purchasing a Wunderfell coat made of suede leather, it may lose a little light dust originating from the manufacturing process. The fine leather dust can be easily removed, for example, with a lint roller or vacuum cleaner. However, we recommend that our customers first style their appearance in a tone-on-tone way when wearing the coat early on, until the dust has been removed and no residue is left on the clothing.

Wunderfell - Care- Cleaning suede

Cleaning nappa leather

Nappa leather is characterised by its smooth and shiny surface, and it is a popular material used in the production of vests, jackets and coats. The seal makes leather garments relatively resistant to dirt. When necessary, soiling can be easily removed with the help of a special leather washing soap. Water stains should not be allowed to linger on the surface, as otherwise this may cause unsightly edges to appear on the leather itself. Simply wipe damp nappa leather with a cotton cloth and allow it to dry at room temperature.

Storing your Wunderfell coats

When storing your coats, it is advisable to hang fur jackets and leather coats on wide hangers and hang them in a well-ventilated wardrobe with enough space. Leather and fur are natural materials that need air to breathe. Therefore, please do not use clothes bags made of plastic! We also recommend keeping the Wunderfell models away from intense light sources (sunlight, spotlights etc.) as the resulting light and heat can alter the colour of the garments.

Wunderfell - Care- Aufbewahrung von Lammfell Mänteln