Lambskin Care and Storage

We want you to wear our lambskin coats, jackets and waistcoats for as long as possible and to enjoy our timeless classics year after year. For this to happen, it is important to care for, clean and store them properly - this is the only way to ensure the quality of the natural product. We have therefore summarised the most important tips for fur and leather care in this little guide:

Advice for leather and coat care

A high-quality lambskin coat is an investment for life. To ensure that the beautiful quality of our designs still shows in their appearance after many years, proper care and storage is an important aspect when handling fur jackets. As a general rule, only use special fur and leather cleaners for care and cleaning and try out each cleaning step carefully on a concealed area first. While minor soiling can usually be easily remedied at home, it may be worthwhile to seek the advice of a furrier for more serious soiling. We at Wunderfell will be happy to advise you in detail and provide helpful tips and tricks for leather and coat care.
Wunderfell - Care - Leather and coat care

Tips for the care of fur jackets

Optimal care of fur jackets, waistcoats and lambskin coats includes, above all, the correct handling of the garments. We advise you to impregnate every Wunderfell model before wearing it to protect the material from dirt and moisture. To do this, spray the leather surface evenly with a suitable, colourless leather care product from a distance of approx. 30 cm. If a lambskin jacket does get damp, it is important to shake off the surface water and then let the leather dry exclusively at room temperature and not, for example, on the radiator or by blow-drying. Due to our high-quality skins, the gentle processing and the careful finishing of the jackets, waistcoats and coats, the Wunderfell models hair only minimally - if at all. However, since a fur coat is a natural product, we take the precaution of pointing out this possibility.
Wunderfell - Care - Tips for the care of fur jackets

Cleaning the leather and fur coats

Only use special care products for cleaning leather and fur coats. Sharp solvents such as acetone, stain remover or petroleum ether are an absolute taboo and can irreparably damage any lambskin coat. The washing machine is also not suitable for cleaning fur jackets, coats or waistcoats! For coarser soiling, we advise you to invest in the expertise of a furrier so that the fur jacket survives the cleaning without damage. Smaller stains, on the other hand, can easily be removed at home. We recommend that you try out any cleaning products on a less visible area beforehand. When cleaning, a basic distinction is made between materials, as they have different requirements. For Wunderfell coats, jackets and waistcoats we use fur, suede and nappa leather.

Fur cleaning

Fur is adapted to the conditions of animals in nature. Accordingly, dust and moisture can be shaken out easily. For all coarser soiling and against unpleasant odours, only professional fur cleaning by a furrier will help. Refrain from experimenting yourself to avoid damaging the fur jacket.

Cleaning suede

Suede is characterised by its soft and roughened surface. Most soiling should only be treated when dry. To do this, allow the coat to dry at room temperature - not on the heater - and lightly brush out the soiling with a crepe brush. Bacon marks on collars and sleeves can also be removed in this way. Grease stains can be treated with special leather cleaning sprays. For this, it is best to proceed according to the instructions for use and rub the leather surface with a cotton cloth. Note: After purchasing a Wunderfell coat made of suede, it may initially lose a slight amount of sanding dust due to the manufacturing process. However, the fine leather dust can be easily removed, for example with a lint roller or hoover. However, we recommend our customers to style the coat tone-on-tone in the beginning until the dust has dissolved and no longer leaves any residue on the clothes.
Wunderfell - Care - Cleaning suede leather

Cleaning nappa leather

Nappa leather is characterised by its smooth and shiny surface and is a popular material for making waistcoats, jackets and coats. The sealing makes garments made of leather comparatively insensitive to dirt. If necessary, however, this can be easily removed with the help of a special leather washing soap. However, water stains should not remain on the surface for any length of time, otherwise unsightly marks may appear on the leather. Simply wipe damp nappa leather with a cotton cloth and leave to dry at room temperature.

Storage of Wunderfell lambskin coats

When storing, it is advisable to hang fur jackets and leather coats on wide hangers and store them in a well-ventilated wardrobe with sufficient space. Leather and fur are natural materials that need air to breathe. A garment bag made of air-permeable material is suitable as protection against dust and light, but please avoid plastic garment bags at all costs. We also recommend that you keep the Wunderfell models away from intense light sources (sunlight, spotlights, etc.), as light and heat can change the colour of the garments.
Wunderfell - Care - Storage of lambskin coats

Men's Body Measurement Chart for Jackets and Coats

The table refers to your body measurements, not to the measurements of the respective item!

Example: If your chest measurement is 102 cm, then the models in size M will fit you.

This is how you measure correctly:

Place the tape measure on the largest circumference, tightening the tape just enough so that it does not constrict.



Place the tape measure on the strongest part of the chest at the front, pass it under the arms, slightly rising at the back.



Measure at the narrowest part of the torso. This is where the waist band is fixed.


Buttock width

Place the tape measure horizontally over the strongest part of the buttocks.

Bust size in cm
Waist size in cm
Seat width in cm
Body height in cm
96 - 99
84 - 87
100 - 103
171 - 175
100 - 103
88 - 91
104 - 107
175 - 179
104 - 107
92 - 95
108 - 111
179 - 183
108 - 111
96 - 99
112 - 115
182 - 185

Body dimension table

The table refers to your body measurements, not to the measurements of the respective item! Please put the tape measure on as shown below, it should be tight but not constricting.

The actual measurements of the jackets and coats are always at least 2 cm wider than the maximum values given in the body measurement table for a slim fit.
Wide models such as capes can also turn out considerably larger than the maximum value given in the body measurements table.

Example: If your chest measurement is 97 cm, then the models in size M will fit you.

Jackets and coats

This is how you measure correctly: Put the tape measure on the largest circumference, tighten the tape just enough so that it does not constrict.


Chest girth


Waist measurement


Hip circumference

Chest measurement in cm
Waist measurement in cm
Hip circumference in cm
83 - 88
69 - 74
90 - 95
89 – 94
75 – 80
96 – 101
95 – 100
81 – 86
102 – 107
101 – 106
87 – 92
108 – 113
107 – 112
93 – 98
114 – 119
113 – 118
99 – 104
120 – 125
119 – 124
105 – 110
126 – 131