Sustainability at Wunderfell

Today, anyone wishing to keep a clear conscience while also wanting to wear a real fur jacket, fur coat or fur vest should take a closer look when choosing a particular fashion label. Where does the processed material originate? Is the manufacturing process both sustainable and ethical? Where are the garments produced? All of these factors are things that are close to our hearts and guide the design process behind every Wunderfell item. In order that our customers are able to understand what distinguishes our lambskin items from other fashion labels, transparent communication regarding Wunderfell values is particularly important to us. Sustainability, craftsmanship and products characterised by ethically flawless origins are among our guiding principles, and these determine the design process – from the first sketch to the finished coat you find in store.

High-quality skins from the food industry

For every Wunderfell coat and jacket design, we use high-quality lambskin, which is a waste product of the food industry, thus ensuring that such a valuable material finds a contemporary use and is not simply thrown away. Deliberately rearing animals for their skins such as mink, raccoon dog or fox is, however, an absolute taboo and does not find its way into any of our coats or jackets! Every Wunderfell design complies with our ethical values, thereby ensuring that it can be worn with a clear conscience.

Wunderfell - Sustainability - high-quality lambskin

Refined & timeless design

We have set ourselves the goal of making lambskin jackets that appeal forever, while also remaining classic yet casually sophisticated in their look. Each Wunderfell coat therefore goes through a loving design process that has been thought through right down to the smallest detail – many of our models are even reversible, meaning that they can be worn on both sides. Wunderfell stands for genuine “investment pieces” that offer you priceless added value every season, as these remain independent of fast-paced trends and are designed according to the principle of “slow fashion”. We are against a modern “throw-away society” and instead recommend our customers to make a deliberate purchase of our high-quality fur jackets, vests and coats. Our shearling models are not only characterised by their high-quality workmanship, real wearing comfort and near unlimited durability, but thanks to their timeless appearance they can also be combined again and again. With Wunderfell, your wardrobe becomes home to some real evergreens!

Environmentally friendly processing

Quite in keeping with our philosophy of sustainability, we also focus on ensuring the use of environmentally friendly processing during the production of our lambskin coats. When tanning our skins, we largely refrain from using environmentally incompatible substances such as PCP, formaldehyde or azo dyes. In addition, sophisticated and high-quality water filter systems are used in our partner companies. Not to mention: a tannery in Spain is currently developing a process in which only natural tanning and dyes can be used. In the near future, we will also be making every effort to dispense with the use of chemical substances in full. Our declared goal is not only to ensure the quality of our coats, but also to protect the environment and human life throughout the manufacturing process.

Wunderfell - Sustainability - Environmentally friendly processing

Fair production processes

The stunning, soft and lightweight quality of our skins originates from producers in Europe, while the coats are made in Barcelona and Istanbul. Given that close cooperation with local partners is important to us, we deliberately distance ourselves from manufacturing in low-wage countries and strive for fair working conditions among the chosen manufacturers. We maintain a long-standing, personal relationship with all our production partners, which is based on a strong sense of proximity and trust, and which keenly reflects our Wunderfell values.

Wunderfell - Sustainability - Fair production processes