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Lambskin - The shearling tradition

Lambskin or shearling - are there differences here? How to call the natural material we love so much, in the end, is up to everyone. Because shearling is nothing more than the naturally grown fur of lambs. It does not matter whether the fur looks short or long, curly or smooth, the fur is diverse in its appearance
. In the industry, lambskin is the name given to all skins that come from animals younger than one year. In the production of Wunderfell coats, vests and jackets, we rely exclusively on fine lambskin in premium quality, which is characterized by its high density and thus has more hairs per square centimeter.

Shearling advantages

You can feel the advantages of the natural raw material immediately when wearing it - no matter which design you choose for a lambskin coat. Lambskin is a natural product that positively affects the cells in the human body. It strengthens the immune system, is antiseptic and antibacterial. Shearling is also breathable, windproof, durable and warms in a quite pleasant way, as it has the property to regulate the temperature. Thus, you can wear a miracle fur coat in the spring at 10 degrees or even in the winter at sub-zero temperatures. The fur regulates itself. At the same time, genuine lambskin can absorb up to 30% moisture without feeling wet or cold. Lambskin is also dirt-repellent - a practical property in nature that we can also take advantage of. What sounds like a modern high-tech fiber is actually a natural material that has been popular for centuries. natural material that has been used for centuries to protect against snow and wind during the cold wind during the cold season. When processing lambskin, an almost infinite variety can be created. Whether with a smooth skin side or as suede, natural, dyed, printed or dramatically combined: When designing a coat of lambskin, almost anything is possible!

Sustainability of lambskin coats

Since we only use materials for our Wunderfell jackets and coats that meet our high standards for quality and functionality, we are always on the lookout for the perfect shearling. For reasons of sustainability and ethics, we at Wunderfell only use skins that are a by-product of the food industry. This way the lambskin finds a nice use and is not wasted. However, since lambskin is a natural product that comes from free-range lambs living in the wild in all kinds of weather, variations in fur and leather are simply unavoidable. However, that is just the beauty of it and makes each of our Wunderfell designs unique!

High quality and fair production

To ensure that the end result is a lambskin coat that meets our high standards and at the same time conveys the timeless and elegant look of our brand, we put a lot of heart and soul into the production process. In Spain and Turkey we have found the optimal partners for our skins, because both countries have been practicing the craft of tanning for generations and with the greatest expertise. And that is exactly where our Wunderfell coats, jackets and vests are made into small works of art. It starts with a meticulous selection of the skins to guarantee excellent quality. During tanning, dyeing and surface treatment of the shearling we attach great importance to gentle methods. The subsequent processing of the lambskin jackets and coats is done by precise and elaborate handwork of our specialists. Each Wunderfell design goes through countless steps and passes several
quality controls. At the end of this process, an extraordinary and fascinating collection of timeless classics for your wardrobe is created every year. We also attach great importance to ethical working conditions in the production of each Wunderfell design. In the production facilities, social rules and European laws are meticulously observed. This also includes the fair remuneration of each employee.

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Men's Body Measurement Chart for Jackets and Coats

The table refers to your body measurements, not to the measurements of the respective item!

Example: If your chest measurement is 102 cm, then the models in size M will fit you.

This is how you measure correctly:

Place the tape measure on the largest circumference, tightening the tape just enough so that it does not constrict.



Place the tape measure on the strongest part of the chest at the front, pass it under the arms, slightly rising at the back.



Measure at the narrowest part of the torso. This is where the waist band is fixed.


Buttock width

Place the tape measure horizontally over the strongest part of the buttocks.

Bust size in cm
Waist size in cm
Seat width in cm
Body height in cm
96 - 99
84 - 87
100 - 103
171 - 175
100 - 103
88 - 91
104 - 107
175 - 179
104 - 107
92 - 95
108 - 111
179 - 183
108 - 111
96 - 99
112 - 115
182 - 185

Body dimension table

The table refers to your body measurements, not to the measurements of the respective item! Please put the tape measure on as shown below, it should be tight but not constricting.

The actual measurements of the jackets and coats are always at least 2 cm wider than the maximum values given in the body measurement table for a slim fit.
Wide models such as capes can also turn out considerably larger than the maximum value given in the body measurements table.

Example: If your chest measurement is 97 cm, then the models in size M will fit you.

Jackets and coats

This is how you measure correctly: Put the tape measure on the largest circumference, tighten the tape just enough so that it does not constrict.


Chest girth


Waist measurement


Hip circumference

Chest measurement in cm
Waist measurement in cm
Hip circumference in cm
83 - 88
69 - 74
90 - 95
89 – 94
75 – 80
96 – 101
95 – 100
81 – 86
102 – 107
101 – 106
87 – 92
108 – 113
107 – 112
93 – 98
114 – 119
113 – 118
99 – 104
120 – 125
119 – 124
105 – 110
126 – 131